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Our Programs

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Spark Program

The Spark Program is dedicated to our participants who courageously face comprehensive physical and cognitive challenges each day. Spark members have their own personalized space with dedicated and trained staff. The Spark group benefits from a calm, peaceful and focused level of care. 

The Care Team's mission is to provide an individualized approach to each member's specific and changing needs through tactile stimulation, cognitive engagement and music therapy. We strive to build on their personal strengths.

In the short time that this program has been running, we have witnessed countless "sparks" ignited in our members. 

Men’s Club

Special programs enabling men to get together for activities that promote friendships and new interests.

Intergenerational Programming

Activities between older adults and children where both generations benefit from each other.

Music, Art, Pet, Relaxation and Gardening Therapy

Guaranteed smiles every time.

Interactive Theatre

An absolute favorite. Participants will rehearse all year for the premier of their own play.

Indoor golf, bowling, exercise and other physical activities

An opportunity for participants to get up, stretch and get the blood flowing. Individualized and small group activities are also available depending on the unique needs and desires of the participant.

Games, puzzles, reminiscing and other cognitive activities

A chance for participants and staff to keep maintaining the brain.

Library and Computer Programs

A time for participants to discover new interests or rediscover and enjoy familiar hobbies and pastimes.

Community Service Project

We think it is important to give back to the community so together we choose and work on a project that will benefit others. A great exercise for the mind, body and spirit.